Hola Merzi is the miscellanea of bold, coluorful and fun creations from María, the person behind all this. Having said that, I think that now I can stop talking in third person pretending that I have an editor working for me.

About Merzi
And here is a drawing by one of my students that perfectly reflects what you and I expect from each other: You a picture of me and I your money.

So yeah, this is me, the owner and sole-creator of HOLA MERZI. I am a Santander-born human being, artsy/handy maker, loud and dancy one, great whiner, and trying-to-make-a-living-from-this-thing person.

I drive my professional life between art and education. And to be honest, I think I shouldn’t share anything else about me, because maybe you already know me and don’t want me to bore you or maybe you don’t know me and you are only here for the earrings. Anyway, you’ll probably find out more about my very interesting life on [instagram], I try to post lots of s*** there to make it as if I had a cool arty life.

Thank you for reading all this and buy me some goods <3

María xxx