Food earrings: Fruits&Vegs

Welcome to my tiny fruit & veg shop! All these food earrings are hand made one by one in Bristol with all the love from my heart. Each vegetable has been handcrafted with high precision, but obviously, each one is individual, just like real life! 🍉 🍐 🍌

How are these food earrings made?

Pssst, let me tell you a secret: I have a shrinking laser!

Well, nope. In fact I am actually shrinking my visual ability by making these little guys.

Since 2009 I have been playing with polymer clay, and the reason was that I couldn’t afford or find cool stuff I wanted, so I made them myself and then I carried on with that on and off through time. At some point, I made some banana earrings and now you are here.

I am a very into-the-detail creative who really wants to make easier and simple stuff, but somehow I always get carried away with making things realistic. That’s all, I don’t have social skills, but apparently, I’m good at details.

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