Please get in touch if you have any other questions before your purchase! See you at the other side of the screen <3

I’m based in Bristol, UK. Over summer I usually work from Santander, my hometown in sunny Spain 🌞

I ship worldwide from the UK, using Royal Mail. From Spain I use Correos.

I aim to dispatch goods within 2-5 working days of receiving your order.

Mainland UK deliveries can be expected to take 3-5 business days from ordering. International orders can take from 7 up to 21 days depending on which part of the world you are in.

Sometimes I am away and as a single-person business sometimes it gets tricky to get everything done on time! Having said that, I highly appreciate your patience. <3

Shipping to Spain

Unfortunately, I am unable to replace lost/damaged packages at this time. Please understand that as soon as the package leaves my hands, it’s the carrier’s responsibility to deliver it safely. However, if there is something faulty, don’t hesitate contacting me to try to work a solution out.

Customers are responsible for any customs charge and taxes incurred.

Generally it is uncommon for packages like these to be stopped at customs. However, the rules on customs charges have changed since Brexit. The likelihood of a customs charge varies between countries. It may be worth googling your nation’s customs policy before ordering or asking your local postal service for info! Customers are responsible for any customs charge and taxes incurred.

Please note that you are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply; check with your local postal service for more details.

Just send me an email here within 24 hours of your purchase and I’ll fix it for you.

I recommend you to contact me through email before making a purchase due to the fact that I have some stock in Spain and colleagues who can send them out from there, that will get a much cheaper shipping price!

If you couldn’t find your favorite veg, or if there is something very specific you’d like me to made with polymer clay, I’m keen to hear your project. Contact me here.

Please allow me 5-9 business days to complete the piece and ship out, unless stated otherwise on storefront announcements. Please note, thor turn time will most likely be longer during peak times such as new collection drop/restock.

The mini fruit boxes are made out of cardboard, the designs are mine and they have been printed and cutted at Solthyr, my brother’s business (everything stays in the family!) Everytime we see each other we travel with them, so no waste on air mail, just a bit of space left in our luggage 🙂 🌞

About the transparent bags, they are biodegradable and vegan friendly PLA bags made in the UK.

I print all the rest of things in my studio in Bristol.

Shipping boxes are made out of cardboard and all the protective paper is from scrap 🙂

Very sadly I have to say that the pink bags where everything comes in, are made out of plastic. I bought them years ago and I will go through all of them and then get biodegradable ones!

I have my cuties at some independent shop, but I don’t do wholesale as I am not a factory and I want to keep this small. You can find my food earrings and much more in:

-Errante tattoo (Valladolid, Spain) 

-Ah sure look it (Galway, Ireland)

-Love it (Bristol, UK)